+ Are your products Sulfate Free?

Absolutely! We guarantee that all of our products are sulfate-free, paraben-free, gluten-free and very importantly, color safe.

+ Do Flawless by Gabrielle Union Hair Products Contain Any Silicones?

Silicones have been given quite the bad rap by those who overgeneralize, claiming negative effects such as build-up, drying and hair “suffocation”. In general, silicones serve many positive functions in hair care: reducing moisture loss, humidity-proofing, cuticle sealing and protection, detangling and shine enhancement. Some silicones are heavy and thick, some are quite water soluble and quickly evaporate; moreover, they can also be used in combination with each other and other ingredients to achieve a multitude of desirable effects. One of the things that make Flawless by Gabrielle Union hair products stand apart is that we use a customized blend of high-quality silicones. These premium ingredients, when combined with our other signature ingredients, play an important role in producing the incredible results that our products are known for: unprecedented softness, shine, manageability and protection with no greasiness or build-up. However, if you firmly are against using silicones in your hair, the Flawless by Gabrielle Union Oil Treatment and other products do not have any silicones. Please email info@flawlesshair.com if you have any questions about the ingredients in any of our products.

+ Are Flawless by Gabrielle Union Products "All Natural"

The Flawless by Gabrielle Union hair products contain many natural ingredients; however, for maximum performance, we have determined that our products need to also contain ingredients that do not fall under the “natural” definition in order to achieve enhanced benefits.

The Flawless by Gabrielle Union hair products contain many natural ingredients; however, for maximum performance, we have determined that our products need to also contain ingredients that do not fall under the “natural” definition in order to achieve enhanced benefits.

+ What Is the Flawless by Gabrielle Union Stance On Diversion?

Flawless by Gabrielle Union is strongly committed to the fight against diversion. Diversion has naturally arisen in the haircare industry, but we are taking great efforts to address and combat this issue. Our products are only guaranteed when purchased from authorized professional salons and professional beauty retailers.

+Does Flawless by Gabrielle Union Test On Animals?

No, we do not test any of our products on animals.

+What are Sulfates?

Flawless by GU products are considered "sulfate-free". When we speak of sulfates we are referencing anionic (negatively-charged) surfactant sulfates used in hair care products. Anionic (negatively-charged) surfactants, are typically used in hair shampoos to create foam and cleanse the hair of excessive oil and dirt. When washing the hair, oil is not attracted to water and is repelled, however oil attracts dirt. The surfactant in the shampoo is able to suspend the oil and dirt in such a way that it can be removed completely from the hair. Because the anionic surfactants and hair have a negative charge, the surfactant is able to remove the oil and dirt without leaving a residue on the hair. The downside to some surfactants is that they can take too much oil out of the hair, essentially stripping the hair of its natural oils and stripping artificial dye if present. Anionic sulfate surfactants fall into this class. Some commonly used sulfate surfactants are:

* Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)
* Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate (SLES)
* Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate (ALS)
* Ammonium Lauryl Ether Sulfate (ALES)

Flawless by GU products do not contain any of these surfactants in our shampoos, conditioners, or stylers.

Our Blow Dry Cream does, however, contain a cationic (positively-charged) sulfate derivative, Behentrimonium Methosulfate. Behentrimonium Methosulfate is derived from rapeseed oil (canola oil). Due to its positive charge Behentrimonium Methosulfate is not repelled from the hair. Conversely, it deposits onto the hair follicle to smooth it out. It is also used for detangling and assistance with "slip".

+Why is Alcohol in my ingredient label?

Ingredients found on your hair care label with “alcohol” in the name are not all bad. In fact, even the ones with a bad reputation are not entirely “bad,” if used properly in a formulation (ex. hairspray, which requires a very quick dry time). It's easiest to classify alcohols into two categories -- "short chain" and "long chain." For global textures, it's best to avoid formulating with “short chain” alcohols as listed below. ""Long chain” alcohols are actually AMAZING for the hair and have been widely used for decades to help increase hydration, product performance and combability.

Drying "short chain" alcohols Hydrating "long chain" Use To help product evaporate quickly (speed drying time), help oil and water mix (emulsifier) and sometimes as an antiseptic. Conditioning (hydration), helps improve thickness of product (viscosity) and helps oil and water mix (emulsifier). Effect on Hair Can be drying on some textures or in excess amounts. Many products such as hairsprays have minimal amounts which "flash off" before it can penetrate into the hair shaft. Usually derived from Coconut or Palm Oils, they are very beneficial for hair. Used to add moisture by drawing water to the hair, they are used to add slip for detangling. Common Examples Alcohol (Ethanol or Ethyl Alcohol) Alcohol denat. Isopropyl alcohol (Isopropanol alcohol) Propanol alcohol Benzyl alcohol Cetyl alcohol Stearyl alcohol Myristyl alcohol Lauryl alcohol Behenyl alcohol Cetearyl alcohol